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My gift and talent comes from the man above....

My name is Quinton "Chef Q" Fuller. I am a chef in the Atlanta area by way of Orlando, Florida. I grew up around a family of cooks, but gained my roots from my late grandfather. Once I retired from the military, I furthered my techniques and graduated with Honors from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.


I am not your typical in the box chef because I can create any dish imaginable! My current venture, in addition to doing catering, is creating freshly cooked meals that can be heated in less than 3 minutes for your lunch break. Dinner meals for the busy family on the go is also available for ordering.


I love what I do and want to share my gift and talent with the world, so that all can enjoy delicious meals rather catered or on the go!

I'm a description
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